Sunday, March 30, 2014

APRIL begins a hella busy schedule!

I'm on a bit of a mission!

I'm so looking forward to this, excited by what is developing and what I'm reaching for. Dreams are good, accomplishing them is even better!

Human Art Studio is taking shape!
What can you expect???
  • Weekly updates to my Bright Eyes web comic (starting Apr. 7th.) 
  • Bright Eyes
  • Weekly videos on my YouTube channel! (This will be the hardest one!) 
  • YouTube
  • Weekly blogs! (both on my blog here and in my DA journal.) 
  • Deviant Art
  • Posts of sketches and drawings onto my Tumblr page when I can. (On Deviant Art I plan to post almost exclusively finished comic pages, pin-ups & covers.)
  • Tumblr
That's a lot considering I'll still be inking comics for publishers, doing a lot more writing, working a day job to cover bills (until publishing pays off.) and working with other collaborators on upcoming comics! (Not yet ready to say what/ with whom! SHHhhussh.)
Lets hope I can do this right and do it well!
P.S. Anyone looking to support my upcoming efforts, please do so at my Patreon page, or simply share to your friends and help spread the word!PATREON

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

What will be my next few steps?

Work begins again on my blog to redirect it (and myself at the same time.) into what I hope is a major creative shift, if you follow what I do, support it, then you will be very happy in the next month.. coming months especially!

What's in store.. for me? ..for Human Art Studio?

Be sure to keep up with all I do, here, on my Deviant Art page, and my Facebook page too.

The very next blog post will reveal all! (at least the first important steps.)