Monday, June 23, 2014

Persistence: The jacked up reality, not an easy course to pursue.

The new format of my blog leans towards a look at my inner monologue. And because of this Its all about what's on my mind. Today and lately is about persistence. 

I have many goals I'm pursuing and in order to get to where I wish to be I need to make persistence my key factor. Persistence is listed in the dictionary as: a firm or obstinate continuance in a course of action in spite of difficulty or opposition. Silly things like time, being with family and friends, eating, sleeping and just quiet relaxing moments are important to me (as I'm sure they are to most people, though a few can sometimes take less priority its good to keep a balance.) Opposition is a great word, here's the 411 on that: stubbornly refusing to change one's chosen course of action. (as it pertains to me and my situation right now.) I have to be stubborn to make things happen for me. Unyielding, unlikely to be swayed; resolute. And another masterful word Determined!

One specific goal is my HAS DAY plan, its 365 days of posting art. For the moment it just means for every day gone by I add another item to my To Do List. But that's cool, I'll get there, I'm Determined, I'm Persistent, I'm Stubborn!

If you haven't already seen my latest video about HD:Week Two, then here it is. 

I'm working hard towards a goal, it may take some time getting there but god damn its going to happen!

Before I jet I wish to throw down some links for you to check out.

I've made some improvements to this blog but also to some other sites, my YouTube, Tumblr, and Ebay all have been tweaked. My podcast has been rolling along quite nicely lately and if you didn't know I also have a Pinterest page. Feel free to follow, subscribe and haunt the various places I'm on... its always a kick to see my fan base grow as well as a huge motivator to get more work done!

Tumblr - will be posting more art here.
Pinterest - cool art, photos, videos and more to check out.
Ebay profile - my original art on listed auctions, going to be doing more.
Youtube channel - my channel is growing as well as my follows!
Independent Road podcast - one a week is my current release.

I will make a new website that's at lease a portal for all my links, I realize I'm in a lot of places. ha.

Take again soon, be well and productive my friends!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The rocky road to beginnings: HAS DAY out of the gate.

So I thought I'd use the short hand of HAS DAY (Whatever day it is.) and just post it as HD:3 (Meaning HAS DAY 3, for day 3.. this blog being day 3's post.). For those that don't already know about HD, its 365 days of daily art posts with the goal being to free myself of a day job, of working for others. To be working on my own comics, my podcast, my own art videos, and illustrations full time!

So far I've delivered (and coming in the next batch of days)...

HD 1: Terra commission pt 1 video.
HD 2: Independent Road podcast, episode 94: Javier Hernandez pt.2
HD 3: New blog post! ...The rocky road to beginnings.
HD 4: Sketch card. (Daenerys Targaryen.)
HD 5: NEON EDEN pg. 2
HD 6: Terra commission pt 2 video.
HD 7: Bright Eyes pg. 2

The latest: short version, I recently left my day job (that I only had for just over a month.) A good reason is because in the end I got nothing else done during pretty much my whole time there, no comic work, or art, or blogs here. Not that I'll remain without one, in fact I return to job search tomorrow (with at least until next week to rest and catch up on what I'm doing.)
 I (well, Lisa & I ...and our 3 cats.) need a steady paycheck. What I pull in with my art right now isn't steady or enough... but the hope is that by my steady flow of posts and working towards completing a few projects along the way I'll be able to get my business end set up right!

I recently ordered a copy of Manga Studio 5 to help with my comic pages. Its going to be a whole new learning curve but I'll be able to use just one program to letter my comics, make adjustments to the art (still going to pencil and ink traditionally), and eventually color the pages too! I'm excited though I don't expect it to happen over night.

These past few days I've been feeling blah, recovering from the day job.. even a little sick maybe (bit of a stomach ache.) so rest has been more of a priority then keeping on top of my new project, though the goal remains.

Here's hoping the next few days go well and that I'll be more on top of HD next week.

Slowly Forward, Ever Onward!