Monday, December 22, 2014

Studio Synergy 17 - Holiday Special.

7 pm est TONIGHT, Studio Synergy 17!
Watch it LIVE on YouTube or catch it at your convenience later.
Artist chat - Holiday edition.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Patreon Exclusive Comic Series.

Just made my very first Patreon exclusive creative post for WORLDS, my anime/ manga inspired comic! If you'd like to check it out, its only $2.00 a month. ...I hope you do.
Peter on Patreon!

Check out the video with me talking about my new project!

At a pledge of only $2.00 a month (or more if you wish.) You'll get direct access to the creation of WORLDS! Won't you join today???

I hope you do.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Messing about with YouTube editor.

One day I'll have better recording/ video editing equipment and programs but until that time arrives I'll do what I can within a feasible amount of time. (Video editing can waste a whole day it you let it.)

So I decided to play around with the video editor on YouTube. (Don't expect marvels! LOL)

Just for fun.


Thursday, December 11, 2014

New YouTube video intro! ...and Giveaway!

I came up with a new video intro. I think its cool.

One day when I'm able to spend some of my earnings towards better programs I'll be able to really make videos the way I wish to.

The patrons I have are easing the edge off my monthly finances but its going to take a lot more to really get my comic projects on track.

For as little as $1.00 a month help support my comic making creations!

Become a patron today!

So, I going to have a giveaway!  How do you get in on this? What do you get? I'll be announcing it on my new YouTube show Creator Owned Comics this Friday!!!

See you all very soon,

Monday, December 8, 2014

Vlog 2 - Illustration.

Catching up on so many things in my latest Vlog. Talking about client work, both logo and character design. Also talk about illustration as a part of my career and of course making comics!

I'll have a new video up each day this week (fingers crossed) so be sure to SUBSCRIBE if you haven't already! New opportunities are opening up for me and I'll be sharing this as well as new art to show off.

Be productive, be loving, be yourself.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

My store is really starting to get noticed!

I now have 50 Followers on Storenvy! 

Human Art Studio
This means a lot, building up my store (with more art in it then ever before!) The hard work in finally paying off! (pun)

I hope you'll take a look yourself, maybe even get something for the upcoming holiday!


Friday, December 5, 2014

Sketch cards & preorder Comics TODAY!

I have a few comics I'm working on inbetween client work, commissions and life that I'm trying to get done. I have to keep the money flowing in as a independent creator and freelance artist, not an  easy task. Include in this that life has been more then hectic as of late to say the least. But I'm determined to get my studio off the ground and publish comics! This year or very early next.

This is where you come in. Please go check out my store here - Human Art Studio on Storenvy

Among the comics I also have a large amount of sketch cards and some original art.

Any and all sales help me from taking on to much other work.

If I could sell out my store I could focus all my energy entirely on creating my comics.

Just food for thought!

I thank you and feel free to share, I do all that I do with your help &support.

Have a great day.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Comicbook Inking Tutorial.

I try an experiment of sorts and invited my friend Kenny Keen to hangout with me. We chatted and inked while talking about inking, I hope its helpful to you.

I plan to do a more cohesive inking tutorial video later. 

Share with your friends, 

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Inktober Day 8 - Stuff My Face

Posting this now because life has gotten crazy and I'm only now getting back into the swing of things.

I'll be back to work on my Inktober pieces very soon, so if you didn't already catch the very latest post here it is.

I'll be back soon with other videos before that so stay plugged in.


Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Now, on Instagram!

If you didn't already hear ... It was only a matter on time, I'm now on ‪#‎instagram‬!!!


(With everything to set up. LOL)

Go follow me there, I may eventually post new art there.


Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Monday, October 13, 2014

Inktober 2014

Coming hot off of 100 days of making comics I decided to join in the fun that is Inktober!

I'm recording each day but will be uploading to my YouTube as we get further into the this week. Hopefully by weeks end I'll be up to date!

All 31 pieces of art will be compiled into one sweet comic! These will tell a science fiction story starring Bobby B-boy you'll be able to get in November.

Information about Inktober -

Follow my Inktober posts -

Purchase my comic panels here -

My Inktober 2014 YouTube playlist - Inktober playlist


Thursday, October 9, 2014

100 Days of Making Comics - Challenge Achieved!

There is so much I can say about my experience with the 100 Days challenge, I did just that in my last video if you didn't already check it out!

If you want to see them all (and who doesn't. ;) ) here's the 100 Days playlist! (all 82 videos of comic chatting goodness.)

The 100th day video isn't the end, its only a new beginning, check back soon for what's next!

Much Love,

Sunday, August 24, 2014

I don't want you to miss out, watch my latest 100 days video for news about my creator owned character
Bright Eyes!

Day 54's special announcement!  Shooting for 30 copies sold in the next few days, SHARE!
PRE-ODER Bright Eyes issue one here! Pre-oder here.

An artist printed edition release Feb. 2015 ...but get your now, these are going to be a limited run.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Don't get off track!

Beware of anything that distracts you from your ultimate goal!

Patience is a good thing to have when reaching for your goals. I find it harder to come by it when my to-do list items grow with each passing day. For every one thing I wish to accomplish two or more have to be added to it in order for the first to be effective. But some items are illusionary.

If your say trying to finish a comic page, does social media truly help your production? But it could improve views, which could increase readers, which could also increase sales, and ...and ...and

                                                   The Octopus Spiral.

Hence the octopus spiral, the O.S. is what happens when I try to accomplish one 'arm' the other 'arms' swatting at me for attention. Or simply the suctions of items on my list lead me down, down, down an almost seemingly endless path.

What is one to do? Here's a fun list.

  1. What is your top priority? Work on that.
  2. Whatever action you take, does it apply to step one?
  3. Does it enhance or speed up production of step one?
  4. Remind yourself of step one!

I do weekend Google plus hangouts with artists, come join!

I'm looking for artists who may wish to join me and a few others while we work on our projects and chat about business and art. Here's the G+ event page, say 'YES' to watching and I'll send you an invite to be part of our hangout!

View the previous episode.

That is all, see you again soon my friends.

Friday, July 25, 2014

100 days of Making Comics challenge

Its been longer then I wanted it to since my last post. (When have you read that in a blog? LOL)

What has immersed me into a world away from my other activities is the 100 day comic making challenge! Its in short working 30 minutes each day on my own creator owned comic for 100 days, and recording a video talking about my progress, process and just my latest goings on.

You can (and should) give my playlist a watch, if for no other reason then to make fun of me. (Please don't make fun of me, I don't make fun of you.)
100 days playlist!

Here's a semi current day. (I'm up to day 26 tonight.)

There, I'm not dead.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Persistence: The jacked up reality, not an easy course to pursue.

The new format of my blog leans towards a look at my inner monologue. And because of this Its all about what's on my mind. Today and lately is about persistence. 

I have many goals I'm pursuing and in order to get to where I wish to be I need to make persistence my key factor. Persistence is listed in the dictionary as: a firm or obstinate continuance in a course of action in spite of difficulty or opposition. Silly things like time, being with family and friends, eating, sleeping and just quiet relaxing moments are important to me (as I'm sure they are to most people, though a few can sometimes take less priority its good to keep a balance.) Opposition is a great word, here's the 411 on that: stubbornly refusing to change one's chosen course of action. (as it pertains to me and my situation right now.) I have to be stubborn to make things happen for me. Unyielding, unlikely to be swayed; resolute. And another masterful word Determined!

One specific goal is my HAS DAY plan, its 365 days of posting art. For the moment it just means for every day gone by I add another item to my To Do List. But that's cool, I'll get there, I'm Determined, I'm Persistent, I'm Stubborn!

If you haven't already seen my latest video about HD:Week Two, then here it is. 

I'm working hard towards a goal, it may take some time getting there but god damn its going to happen!

Before I jet I wish to throw down some links for you to check out.

I've made some improvements to this blog but also to some other sites, my YouTube, Tumblr, and Ebay all have been tweaked. My podcast has been rolling along quite nicely lately and if you didn't know I also have a Pinterest page. Feel free to follow, subscribe and haunt the various places I'm on... its always a kick to see my fan base grow as well as a huge motivator to get more work done!

Tumblr - will be posting more art here.
Pinterest - cool art, photos, videos and more to check out.
Ebay profile - my original art on listed auctions, going to be doing more.
Youtube channel - my channel is growing as well as my follows!
Independent Road podcast - one a week is my current release.

I will make a new website that's at lease a portal for all my links, I realize I'm in a lot of places. ha.

Take again soon, be well and productive my friends!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The rocky road to beginnings: HAS DAY out of the gate.

So I thought I'd use the short hand of HAS DAY (Whatever day it is.) and just post it as HD:3 (Meaning HAS DAY 3, for day 3.. this blog being day 3's post.). For those that don't already know about HD, its 365 days of daily art posts with the goal being to free myself of a day job, of working for others. To be working on my own comics, my podcast, my own art videos, and illustrations full time!

So far I've delivered (and coming in the next batch of days)...

HD 1: Terra commission pt 1 video.
HD 2: Independent Road podcast, episode 94: Javier Hernandez pt.2
HD 3: New blog post! ...The rocky road to beginnings.
HD 4: Sketch card. (Daenerys Targaryen.)
HD 5: NEON EDEN pg. 2
HD 6: Terra commission pt 2 video.
HD 7: Bright Eyes pg. 2

The latest: short version, I recently left my day job (that I only had for just over a month.) A good reason is because in the end I got nothing else done during pretty much my whole time there, no comic work, or art, or blogs here. Not that I'll remain without one, in fact I return to job search tomorrow (with at least until next week to rest and catch up on what I'm doing.)
 I (well, Lisa & I ...and our 3 cats.) need a steady paycheck. What I pull in with my art right now isn't steady or enough... but the hope is that by my steady flow of posts and working towards completing a few projects along the way I'll be able to get my business end set up right!

I recently ordered a copy of Manga Studio 5 to help with my comic pages. Its going to be a whole new learning curve but I'll be able to use just one program to letter my comics, make adjustments to the art (still going to pencil and ink traditionally), and eventually color the pages too! I'm excited though I don't expect it to happen over night.

These past few days I've been feeling blah, recovering from the day job.. even a little sick maybe (bit of a stomach ache.) so rest has been more of a priority then keeping on top of my new project, though the goal remains.

Here's hoping the next few days go well and that I'll be more on top of HD next week.

Slowly Forward, Ever Onward!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

On Time Delivery.

     I don't expect to be on-time with all I'm setting out to do, which is a lot, but I do think a constant push in trying to achieve all this will result in getting there, maybe even quicker.
    This is based on experience and mostly what has worked for me. I don't recommend it to others.
    It also has a lot to do with what I'm looking to do, and also that I ultimately don't care to be 100% perfect out of the gate. A large part of what I do wish to perfect (over time.) is only accomplished by posting online. I'm a guy, I learn by making mistakes.. not reading instructions.

    What I wanted to chat about here today has to do with a conversation I recently heard. Mentioned was Speed VS Quality. In a way what I'm currently doing falls under speed. I thumb nail a page, I decide its good enough or make changes only in my head.. then pencil and ink. Not a lot of fine tuning or fuss. (though I'm spending a fare amount of time on how it looks online (on-line sizing/ DPI levels, etc. are things I'm figuring out.) Not to say I slap it together but I could clearly spend two days on a page, not one.

    This is my first time attempting the regular production of comic pages, any ones done in the past where mostly sporadic. But it is understood that comic art is a language not an illustration. Although most comic artists of today are some of the finest illustrators of our time! I approach each page as individual camera shots. Linked together they (hopefully) tell us a story. I ultimately wish to be the best of both worlds. As an inker for most of my career my penciling isn't so tight, I'm going with the flow. I thumb nail to grab hold of an image and then pencil it out knowing as an inker I usually tighten images up.. but I find myself wanting tighter pencils to work off of. I'm sure after  few more weeks I may find myself doing just that. If I'm to keep up with my crazy schedule I have to shoot for speed.. part of me realizes a certain looseness is helpful in expressing action and fluidity. Most of my penciling is stiff and I try to breakout of that.

    One of my penciling heroes is John Romita JR, who is renowned for being a bit of a speed demon. Jack Kirby who's work I also love is the same... this is not to say I'll ever reach their status but one reaches.

    So I'm not about to spend too much time penciling, or total time on each page.. I'm focused on completion! Deadlines have always been a sickening, looming, dreadful end to each individual illustration or project over all and its time to give it an overall left hook in the face.

    What's your preference? Speed or Quality?

    I know in the end each page (from a business stand point) represents X dollars, and if you need to make Y amount each month then you need to produce Z amount of pages to survive. But I don't wish to only survive anymore, I wish to Thrive!!!

Here's to making it big,

Monday, April 7, 2014

Weekly posting madness begins... YIKES!

I'm never satisfied, so that's why I renamed my blog!
(Yes, it needs to be tweaked, but I got my list of weekly posts to make... this blog being one of them.)
So from now on Comics or DIE will be my weekly place to chat about making comics, talking about the comic industry or knowing me just about anything!

I hope you will join me, and if you like.. tell your friends.

Let me mention a new community I set up for web comic creators and fans!
Its called simply Web Comics - WEB COMICS Join Now!

If you didn't see yet I got two ongoing webcomics of my very own, Bright Eyes & NEON EDEN

Bright Eyes


I will be doing both in full color, only now they'll be black and white? But WHY Peter, WHY???

Because I have much to learn and practice, going to focus on one thing at a time.. so for now its about getting the scanning process correct. (for best picture size & sharpness.)

That's it for today, got plenty to do... but if you want to ask me something or have a upcoming blog be about a particular subject then ether comment here or message me!

I'll be happy to talk about anything you'd like to read.

So long,

Sunday, March 30, 2014

APRIL begins a hella busy schedule!

I'm on a bit of a mission!

I'm so looking forward to this, excited by what is developing and what I'm reaching for. Dreams are good, accomplishing them is even better!

Human Art Studio is taking shape!
What can you expect???
  • Weekly updates to my Bright Eyes web comic (starting Apr. 7th.) 
  • Bright Eyes
  • Weekly videos on my YouTube channel! (This will be the hardest one!) 
  • YouTube
  • Weekly blogs! (both on my blog here and in my DA journal.) 
  • Deviant Art
  • Posts of sketches and drawings onto my Tumblr page when I can. (On Deviant Art I plan to post almost exclusively finished comic pages, pin-ups & covers.)
  • Tumblr
That's a lot considering I'll still be inking comics for publishers, doing a lot more writing, working a day job to cover bills (until publishing pays off.) and working with other collaborators on upcoming comics! (Not yet ready to say what/ with whom! SHHhhussh.)
Lets hope I can do this right and do it well!
P.S. Anyone looking to support my upcoming efforts, please do so at my Patreon page, or simply share to your friends and help spread the word!PATREON

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

What will be my next few steps?

Work begins again on my blog to redirect it (and myself at the same time.) into what I hope is a major creative shift, if you follow what I do, support it, then you will be very happy in the next month.. coming months especially!

What's in store.. for me? ..for Human Art Studio?

Be sure to keep up with all I do, here, on my Deviant Art page, and my Facebook page too.

The very next blog post will reveal all! (at least the first important steps.)


Saturday, January 11, 2014

2 0 1 4

What it will mean for me!

I may scratch and claw my way to my goals this year (no different then previous ones ay.) but I will get there!

This year for me means finally getting a few comic books out! I hope it also means so much more (and hopefully you do too!) but it means I need a better income from any freelance work that comes my way. I was hoping for a year long inking gig but unfortunately it didn't take, so now I'm left considering a day job again or gathering some paying gigs.

So, I'm open. Inking, commissions, even writing gigs.. as long as it pays!

I'll keep you updated on developments as they happen.

If your interested in hiring me, ether send me a email of message me on Facebook.

Here's hoping for a productive 2014!