Saturday, August 16, 2014

Don't get off track!

Beware of anything that distracts you from your ultimate goal!

Patience is a good thing to have when reaching for your goals. I find it harder to come by it when my to-do list items grow with each passing day. For every one thing I wish to accomplish two or more have to be added to it in order for the first to be effective. But some items are illusionary.

If your say trying to finish a comic page, does social media truly help your production? But it could improve views, which could increase readers, which could also increase sales, and ...and ...and

                                                   The Octopus Spiral.

Hence the octopus spiral, the O.S. is what happens when I try to accomplish one 'arm' the other 'arms' swatting at me for attention. Or simply the suctions of items on my list lead me down, down, down an almost seemingly endless path.

What is one to do? Here's a fun list.

  1. What is your top priority? Work on that.
  2. Whatever action you take, does it apply to step one?
  3. Does it enhance or speed up production of step one?
  4. Remind yourself of step one!

I do weekend Google plus hangouts with artists, come join!

I'm looking for artists who may wish to join me and a few others while we work on our projects and chat about business and art. Here's the G+ event page, say 'YES' to watching and I'll send you an invite to be part of our hangout!

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That is all, see you again soon my friends.

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