Friday, December 5, 2014

Sketch cards & preorder Comics TODAY!

I have a few comics I'm working on inbetween client work, commissions and life that I'm trying to get done. I have to keep the money flowing in as a independent creator and freelance artist, not an  easy task. Include in this that life has been more then hectic as of late to say the least. But I'm determined to get my studio off the ground and publish comics! This year or very early next.

This is where you come in. Please go check out my store here - Human Art Studio on Storenvy

Among the comics I also have a large amount of sketch cards and some original art.

Any and all sales help me from taking on to much other work.

If I could sell out my store I could focus all my energy entirely on creating my comics.

Just food for thought!

I thank you and feel free to share, I do all that I do with your help &support.

Have a great day.

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