Monday, April 7, 2014

Weekly posting madness begins... YIKES!

I'm never satisfied, so that's why I renamed my blog!
(Yes, it needs to be tweaked, but I got my list of weekly posts to make... this blog being one of them.)
So from now on Comics or DIE will be my weekly place to chat about making comics, talking about the comic industry or knowing me just about anything!

I hope you will join me, and if you like.. tell your friends.

Let me mention a new community I set up for web comic creators and fans!
Its called simply Web Comics - WEB COMICS Join Now!

If you didn't see yet I got two ongoing webcomics of my very own, Bright Eyes & NEON EDEN

Bright Eyes


I will be doing both in full color, only now they'll be black and white? But WHY Peter, WHY???

Because I have much to learn and practice, going to focus on one thing at a time.. so for now its about getting the scanning process correct. (for best picture size & sharpness.)

That's it for today, got plenty to do... but if you want to ask me something or have a upcoming blog be about a particular subject then ether comment here or message me!

I'll be happy to talk about anything you'd like to read.

So long,
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